Saturday, February 1, 2014

Vera Scroggins vs. Vic Furman LIVE DEBATE Thursday! WNBF 1290am 10:15AM

This looks like a good one, folks.

Thursday Feb 6th, at 10:15AM EST (1515 UTC)
1290 on your AM radio dial

Listen Live online:

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  1. Yes, I think it should be banned! Good luck, Vera!! I'm too far away to listen, but I'll be rooting for you!!

  2. thanks, for creating this flyer and posting it; should be interesting; just bringing out the facts about what we are dealing with here in Susquehanna County, the Gas Fields....

  3. Isn't Vic Furman the guy who used a fake name and friended a lot of fractivists not too long ago on facebook

    1. One and the same. He also went to town board meetings all over and claimed to be "a resident", implying a resident of whichever town he was in. He cannot be believed on any level. I suspect he is a paid shill and I know he is a joke.

  4. OMG...d

    OMG, did he just say he has a gas well on his property??? I pass his house all the time and there is no well. WTH??
    Now he is bullying....what he does best!