Monday, October 20, 2014


This is it, friends.
All administrative remedies have failed.
It's time to block the gates with our bodies.

Don't Worry!about being arrested if you do not want to be!

All persons willing to be arrested will be clearly identified,

and there will be liaisons working with the police.

We need MANY witnesses and other supporters in various roles
who will not get arrested. WE NEED EVERYONE!

Share the official announcement: or Short:

Please share this announcement widely to all who might be interested.
Please consider taking time this coming Fri am to show your love of the Finger Lakes and our well being here..the gas storage projects being developed at Crestwood on Seneca Lake are KEY to the ongoing onslaught of infrastructure development for storage and transport of frack gas in the northeast. Without the ability to store these fossil fuels the industrialization of central NY won't be possible. Not only are pipelines and compressor stations  part of this development, but inevitably  the industries dependent on these hydrocarbons such as plastic manufacturing and fertilizer plants will move in. This is not compatible with agriculture, tourism, wineries and breweries, and will not help the development of renewable energy sources.  A few years ago, 20,000 people showed up for a weekend of protests against fracking in  a rural and agricultural of France, which now has a nationwide ban on this extraction process. 

The WE ARE SENECA LAKE rally and protest
Who: The great people of the Finger Lakes
What: Rally and protest at the gates of the Crestwood compressor station site on Seneca Lake
When: Friday morning, October 24, 2014, rain or shine
Where: Meet at the east end of the Walmart parking lot (back left corner of the lot) in Watkins Glen at 9 am. Shuttle service to the site will be provided.
What to wear: The color blue.
Why: The Texas-based energy corporation, Crestwood Midstream, has approval to move forward with plans to store highly pressurized, explosive gas in abandoned salt caverns on the west side of Seneca Lake. While the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) has temporarily halted plans to stockpile propane and butane (LPG) in the caverns—out of ongoing concerns for safety, health, and the environment—Crestwood is actively constructing infrastructure for the storage of two billion cubic feet of methane (natural gas), with the blessing of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC).
This methane expansion project is advancing in the face of unparalleled public opposition and unresolved questions about geological instabilities, fault lines, and possible salinization of the lake, which serves as a source of drinking water for 100,000 people.
And yet, outrageously, Governor Cuomo’s DEC excised references to the risks of underground gas storage from a 2011 federal report on methane contamination of drinking water and has allowed key data to remain hidden.
On-site construction of the massive underground gas storage depot on the banks of Seneca Lake is scheduled to begin on Friday. Please come and show your opposition. 
Our message:
Seneca Lake is not a gas station for fracking operations. Seneca Lake is our home. Seneca Lake is our water. Seneca Lake brings tourists to our shores and grows wine grapes on our hills. Crestwood, go home! We are Seneca Lake.
To learn more about non-violent civil disobedience, please attend a gathering on Wednesday night, Oct. 22, 6 - 8 pm at the Perry City Friends (Quaker) Meeting House, 6324 Route 227 in Perry City, Town of Hector (directions: Google Maps)
The Pledge to Protect Seneca Lake is here. It is now active and still accepting signers

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Dont be silenced by FERC! Comment NOW on Dominion's plan to bring more FRACKED GAS into NY


Photo: BH

This just in from an ad hoc team of folks looking over the Dominion New Market Project. 
This has been produced and vetted by some of the top frack-fighters in the state.

So you may want to consider this ... "important" :)

PS: Remember: Sharing is caring :)

Comment NOW on Dominion's plan to bring more FRACKED GAS into NEW YORK!
Thank you to everyone who attended FERC's terribly-conducted scoping hearing last week on Dominion's "New Market Project." Threatening to bring a billion more cubic feet of fracked gas into New York every day, Dominion Transmission Inc. wants to squeeze more gas into its aging pipeline network by building two massive compressor stations and dramatically expanding a third. These three compressor stations alone would dump 200,000 additional tons of greenhouse gas emissions and cancer-causing air pollutants into the atmosphere every year.
Those who were at the hearing saw first-hand how FERC was totally unprepared for the opposition it received, even admitting that it made a big mistake by scheduling just one hearing in an illegally overcrowded room. But now we need to drive home the message that apologies are not good enough.

We must demand that FERC schedule MORE SCOPING HEARINGS in each of the affected areas, especially where the THREE massive compressor stations are proposed: HORSEHEADS, GEORGETOWN, and BROOKMAN CORNERS. And we must demand that FERC extend the OFFICIAL time period for submitting scoping comments so that communities, organizations, and individuals have fair and adequate opportunity to weigh in on how FERC reviews Dominion's proposed project.

But until we hear otherwise, the official deadline for scoping comments is still October 20th, which means that your help is needed right now! Here's how to comment:


Submitting comments electronically is actually the best way, but it's a bit tricky.
It involves using the "eComment" feature on FERC's website , begin the process by clicking the orange and white "eComment" tab in the middle of the page. (To send attachments, you have to use the "eFiling" feature and first create an account using the "eRegister" feature.)

You'll receive another email after this one with detailed instruction for how to submit comments to FERC using "eComment". But if you still have trouble commenting online, don't let that stop you! You can still send your comments in by paper mail.

Send written comments to:

Kimberly D. Bose. Secretary
Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
888 First Street NE, Room 1A
Washington, DC 20426

All scoping comments must be received by October 20th. So for paper mailing, please post-mark by October 18th.
And be sure to identify the docket number for the Dominion "New Market" Project, which is CP14-497-000.

In addition to objecting to the project, please insist that the following be part of FERC's scope of review.

--- It is outrageous that FERC scheduled only one scoping hearing for a major project that impacts much of New York and 200 miles of pipeline. FERC must schedule additional scoping hearings in affected areas, especially where compressor stations would be built or significant expanded in Horseheads (Chemung County), Georgetown (Madison County), and Brookman Corners (Montgomery County near Otsego County). FERC must also extend the OFFICIAL deadline for scoping comments by at least 90 days so that communities, organizations, and individuals have adequate opportunity to weigh in on how FERC will review Dominion's proposed project.

--- FERC should require a full Environmental Impacts Statement (EIS) instead of letting Dominion pursue an expedited Environmental Assessment (EA). The EIS process would require a much more comprehensive analysis of technical and safety issues relating to carrying an additional 112,000 Dekatherms of gas per day in Dominion's aging pipeline network, as well as a more thorough analysis of all direct, indirect, and cumulative induced impacts. A full EIS should be performed.

--- The increased risk of pipeline failure and catastrophic fire or explosion due to higher pressure and flow rate must be fully analyzed--especially since parts of Dominion's network are up to 50 years old, corrosion, degradation, or other stresses have likely occurred over time, and the original pipe may have been constructed using inferior welding methods. Maximum allowable operating pressure must be disclosed and verified. This danger impacts not only people living near compressor stations, but along the ENTIRE Dominion pipeline corridor.

--- Dominion has named this its "New Market Project" because it wants to create new markets for fracked gas. Therefore, a comprehensive build-out analysis of the negative cumulative impacts resulting from increased use of gas should be performed (including the likelihood of future power plants, CNG/LNG facilities, and other types of gas-infrastructure). A build-out analysis should also be performed of negative environmental, health, and societal impacts of more drilling and fracking enabled by additional pipeline capacity.

--- The Dominion pipeline connects to the Iroquois pipeline, which is planned for reversal so that it will carry gas from the U.S. to Canada. Dominion will therefore be a conduit, in part, for exporting gas out of the United States. FERC must analyze this conflict in determining domestic public need. It is also improper segmentation to consider this project without regard to all of the economic and environmental impacts of exporting natural gas, which the project facilitates.

--- A comprehensive health impact assessment should be performed to evaluate the negative effects, short and long-term, to people living near and at various distances from the proposed compressor stations. Exposure to volatile organic compounds (VOC's), nitrogen oxides, ground-level ozone, and other hazardous air pollutants from compressor stations can cause cardiovascular, respiratory, and neurological damage; birth defects, cancer; leukemia; infertility; burning of lungs, eyes, and throat; muscle pain; mental impairment, headaches, and a host of other acute and chronic illnesses. In particular, VOC's from the Brookman Corners compressor station would be 16 times higher than levels at the other two stations, Nitrogen Oxides would be three times higher, and Carbon Monoxide would be 5 times higher. Dominion MUST propose design alternatives to protect the public from this level of exposure. 

--- With the construction and expansion of two compressor stations in Horseheads and Georgetown, and the massive expansion of another one at Brookman Corners, Dominion would pump over 200,000 TONS of greenhouse gas and hazardous chemicals into the air every year, create noise pollution, impact wildlife, and industrialize pristine rural areas. These environmental, health, and community impacts must be comprehensively studied. Dominion claims that greenhouse gas emissions from the Brookman Corners compressor station alone would be just under the 100,000 TON threshold for a major emitter. This level is suspect and would certainly be exceeded if routine blowdowns and other activities are considered.

--- The public must be granted full access to information, including critical energy infrastructure information (CEII) necessary to assess emissions and safety factors. Local fire-fighters and emergency responders are often volunteers and may not be equipped or trained to respond to catastrophic events such as uncontrolled gas fires, explosion, and widespread exposure of the public to gas and airborn toxic chemicals that could be released during an incident. Response capability and the need for additional training or full-time responders must be thoroughly evaluated.

--- Safety and compliance records of Dominion must be disclosed in the record and considered by FERC.


INSTRUCTIONS for filing eCOMMENTS with FERC on Dominion's "New Market Project"

 (Thank you to Suzy Winkler for preparing these great instructions.)
Again, if you have trouble with any of this, send your comments in by paper mail as explained above.

The following instructions will help you file comments about Dominion's proposed project electronically using the "eComment” feature on FERC's website. First you fill out a brief form on FERC's website. Then FERC will then send you an email with a link allowing you to cut and paste your comment online.

Follow these instructions:

1)  Write a comment on your computer and save it. When it's time to enter your comment on the FERC website (#9 below), you will then be able to copy and paste your comment into the allotted space.

2)  Go to:

3) Click on the orange and white "eComment" button. An authorization page will open.
Fill in your name, address, email address and phone number.

4)  Type in the letters and numbers that you see in the gray box and choose the "Authorize" button.

5)  FERC will send you an email with a link. 
Select the link, which takes you to FERC's website. A form with your name and email will appear.

6) In the box marked "Enter Docket Number," fill in CP14-497 (with no spaces)

7) Click on the "Search" button and wait a moment for a response.
Choose the blue plus sign in the far right column under the “Select" heading and wait a moment for a response.

8)  Ignore the new blue box with additional information that appears on the screen.
Find the box for entering your comment slightly below. The system will allow you to enter up to 6000 characters.

9)  Cut and paste your previously prepared comment (from #1) into the box.

10)  Click on the "Send Comment" button in the lower left corner of the screen.

11)  FERC will send you an email saying that your comment has been received. This is your confirmation.
Please save the email.

12)  In the email there will be a link to view your comment in the "eLibrary"

** If you use the "Safari" browser on your computer, this process may give you trouble. For some computers it does and for others it works fine. If the system isn't responding as described above sImply download the "Firefox" browser from the internet and you will be in good shape to move forward.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

FERC's magical changing website / Madison County Mystery Tour

This just in from the


The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC)
has apparently learned how to create things
out of thin air.... IN THE PAST.

But in typical FERC style... they didn't even get the facts right
in their attempt at revisionism!

This page has a soundtrack :)

Many people reported the notification of the SINGLE FERC scoping
session for the Dominion New Market Project -- spanning 200 miles
and causing 200,000 tons per year of toxic emissions into the
air we breathe-- was not listed on the FERC website. 

Suzy Winkler, from Otsego County, even called FERC and spoke with a representative
who insisted THERE WAS NO HEARING in Madison County that night.

Then, unexpectedly, she suddenly (the woman on the phone) admitted "OH YES" there was a hearing. 

Several people took screenshots and made printouts of how the website looked last night.
I looked today and saw there were a couple of things added... in the past!


Remember the date of this entry is
Wednesday October 8th

What's strange is that that actual notice of FERC's intent to prepare an environmental assessment (EA) for this project was published on September 18th ... This was THREE WEEKS AGO!.


Notice, there is STILL NO MENTION OF THE public hearing --
until you click a link off the main page, and then the project description is quite vague.

These very serious problems with notification and accessibility are clear violations of Open Meetings law, and the Due Process rights of many people. 


Over 200 people showed up
 in a room with a maximum safe capacity of 132.
In complete disregard to public safety and the law, the FERC project manager who conducted the meeting, Eric Tomasi, refused to stop the meeting despite 10 min. of loud protestations from the crowd. 
Unfortunately, this is a metaphor for how Eric's bosses, the FERC commissioners,
operate in dozens of dockets: ACT WITHOUT REGARD TO PUBLIC SAFETY

Photo: Eddie Rodriguez

Eric, the FERC project manager kept saying,

  • I didn't know there would be this level of interest.
  • I didn't know it wasn't on the website.
  • He didn't know he should have brought a public address system
    so people could hear in the back.
  • He claimed he didn't know about other FERC projects (like MINISINK, like the TGP cases, like the NJ-NY Spectra case, like "Constitution" and many others)  where substantial issues raised during scoping sessions which have been ignored
  • He didn't know that one scoping session for a project spanning 200+ linear miles of pipeline  wasn't adequate.
  • He didn't know that FERC was continuing to segment projects
    in violation of Federal Law and also IN DEFIANCE of a Court Order
  • He didn't know the Maximum Allowable Operating Pressure (MAOP) of the New Market Project.
  • He didn't know if the MAOP would be increased in this 50 year old brittle, corroded pipe as the result of 33,000 HP of additional compression...
  • He didn't know the nominal operating pressure of the existing pipeline (off the top of his head), but he thought it might be 1480 psig-- (Holy KerBlammo, Batman! This is an extremely high pressure only being used on the most modern, state-of-the-art pipe and assembly procedures!)
  • He also didn't seem to know this scheme may be a really bad idea.
  • "Sorry! I DON'T KNOW!!" -- over and over.

To his benefit, Project Manager Tomasi *did* know the reason the MAOP was important is because it determined the Potential Impact Radius.

Maybe he saw this video :)

There is so much more to tell you about this meeting, folks.
Stay tuned...

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Statewide Bulletin: Urgent Action Needed! Wed 10/8 -- Madison County.


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Or this:

This Wed 10/8 -- Madison County NY


FERC hearing Docket CP14-497
Dominion New Market Project
Upgrades to 6 facilities in 6 counties.
Affects 200 miles of pipeline.


THIS Wednesday 10/8  7pm.


Georgetown Town Hall
(Madison County NY)
995 State Route 26,
Georgetown, NY 13072

There should be a NYAF bulletin coming on this... sometime!!
Watch your inbox.

ALERT: THIS Wednesday 10/8!!
FERC hearing. Madison County NY.Georgetown Town Hall.

This is a big deal.
Affects a 200 mile stretch of pipeline.
  • Horseheads, Chemung County
  • Dryden, Tompkins County
  • Georgetown, Madison County
  • Utica, Oneida County
  • Ft. Plain, Montgomery County
  • Schenectady, Schenectady County
Here is an APPROXIMATE map to see mileage and approx. facility locations

More accurate route:
Yellow Dots are new facilities or upgrades:

Please change your plans
and come to this if you are able.
Please share this on your local listservs.
Share this link on social media:

This is a major infrastructure project
which has slipped under the radar.
We all missed this...

The Docket only has 59 entries.
I heard that Sandra may be getting involved in this.

for more info

Here is the application.
Please scan it if you can before Wed:

CP14-497 Dominion New Market Project Application

This is a RED ALERT

Be on standby for Wednesday in Madison County.
More is coming soon.
(draft, under revision):
Here's a map where you can see what is related to this:
(Hint: Turn off all layers except Operational Pipelines and Compressor Stations).

There are many things to explore on this map.
Zoom in and pan around.
Notice, for example, the Arlington Pipeline
is a direct connection between
Crestwood Storage Facility @ Seneca Lake
and the Dominion Pipeline!

Here is an Ithaca connection:
Facility Upgrades at Borger Station
Town of Dryden,.

Hey-- Can someone activate those awesome DRAC folks!?

MORE IS COMING SOON-- stand by and please be on alert
This is a big deal.

Please make phone calls to a few friends
due to short notice.

May you, and all beings
be happy and free from suffering :)
-- ancient Buddhist Prayer (Metta)

Don't forget to sign the
Pledge to Resist
the Constitution Pipeline:

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Fact Sheet for Dominion New Market Project

On September 18th, FERC issued a Notice of Intent to Prepare an Environmental Assessment
for the proposed Dominion New Market Project, request for comments on environmental issues,
and Notice of Public Scoping Meeting re Dominion Transmission, Inc under CP14-497.
  • We are now on pubic comment period on the EA,
    which ends Oct 20, 2014
  • There will be a single FERC scoping hearing,
    Wed Oct 8th, 7:30pm Georgetown Town Hall (Madison Co NY).
  • It is URGENT to get a large turnout for this.
There are very few people commenting on this docket.
Would be great to get some more eyes on this!!

Quick facts and summary:
  • FERC docket is CP14-497

    You can view the entire docket, including all the comments and the application
    by clicking on this link:

    (NOTE: CORRECTED LINK 10-5-2014 9:45 PM),issuance&dkt=CP14-497&ft=fulltext&dsc=description

    See above map for the approximate route and facilities description.
  • 33,000 HP of new compression proposed
    • 11,000 HP at Horseheads Chemung Co
      53,949 tons per year in CO2-e GHG emissions)

    • 10,880 HP at DeRuyter Madison Co.,   (54,351 tpy)

    • 11,113 HP at Brookman Corners, Fort Plain Montgomery County  (96,683 tpy)
  • Total ~205,000 tpy CO2-e GHG emissions.
    • A coal train 1 mile long, 100x 100 ton cars = 10,000 tons.
    • So 205,000 tons is a coal train 20.5 miles long.
    • EPA's Tailoring Rule makes 100,000 tpy the threshold for a "major source". 
    • Since none of these exceeds 100,000 tpy, then this project is not considered a "major source",
      even though cumulatively, it does!

      This project should be considered a MAJOR EMISSIONS SOURCE
      and be subject to title V permitting requirements.
    • More info:
  • FERC has two parallel paths,
    • the FULL EIS (Environmental Impact Statement)
    • and the EA (Fast track).
    • This project is being fast tracked.
    • Maya van Rossum of Delaware Riverkeeper says this is an illegal abuse of NEPA,
      as NEPA requires an EA in EVERY case, which SHOULD determine if a full EIS is necessary
    • However when FERC pre-decides on an EA, this almost always means they will not do a full EIA (which can take years).
    • DEMAND that a full EIS be made
  • FERC and Dominion are hiding critical safety information from the public, i.e., MAOP and other details
    about the existing pipeline which prevent the public from independently verifying safety information.

    YOU SHOULD DEMAND that FERC make this critical safety information available:

    MAOP, as well as operating pressure before/after the new compressors are added,
    existing pipe specification? Is it ERW pipe? Details about cathodic protection-- has it been
    maintained for 50 years? Inspection details, pigging history, etc. Yield strength of the pipeline,
    and year constructed. Is an Alternation MAOP being used? What is the temperature of the gas?
  • This pipeline was constructed in the early 1960's. At that time, the most common type of pipe in use was called LF-ERW (Low frequency, Electrical Resistance Welding). This type of pipe is well known to have defective welds which are subject to failure over time.
  • The federal formula for calculating Class, Potential Impact Radius, and High Consequence Areas
    are grossly deficient. Class only considers 660' from the centerline, but pipelines of this size
    when they rupture typically have an impact radius of 1,000 to 1,400 ft.

    The potential impact radius (PIR) formula used has been off by a factor of 2.5x, and up to 595'ft.

    This means the calculation for who lives in a High Consequence Area
    is grossly incorrect.
    Many people are not counted, and many lives are thus placed into jeopardy, since rural areas
    ("Class 1") are screwed in federal safety regulations a dozen different ways.
  • What is the safety and compliance record of the operator? This should be in the docket on
    ON THE RECORD (required that FERC consider this under the Natural Gas Act)
  • In dozens of projects, the public have been asking FERC to consider upstream impacts (eg, widespread  water contamination near fracked gas wells) and downstream impacts (radon gas in homes),  however FERC has defied these requests.
  • FERC has been ordered by a panel of 3 federal judges in "Delaware Riverkeeper Network v. FERC"
    to a) consider cumulative impacts as required by NEPA, and to b) stop segmenting projects in violation of NEPA.  However FERC is defying the federal courts and the law.
  • This project should be considered a segment of a massive buildout of fracked gas infrastructure in the Northeast. Here is a list of SOME but not all of these projects. NOTE that the environmental impacts of all of these are being considered INDIVIDUALLY, and there are NO cumulative impact analyses being done.
  • It is NOT TOO LATE to intervene in this project!

    Only intervenors will have a right to sure FERC or the applicant  in the future.
    I urge ANYONE who lives in the region,  or is even remotely impacted or
    concerned about the regional impacts this project will bring to intervene. 

    Here is a video which shows how to intervene step-by-step BUT IS FOR A DIFFERENT
    , so you will have to substitute the docket for this project:

    Use this: CP14-497
  • Here is a link to a video series about this project.
    Some general info about pipelines are included.
  • If you are using a mobile device, this link may work better to show you all the segments:

IT IS CRITICAL that all of your concerns be made during the comment period,
and that we get a big turnout.

You can use FERC's eComment to make a quick comment on the docket without