Thursday, October 9, 2014

FERC's magical changing website / Madison County Mystery Tour

This just in from the


The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC)
has apparently learned how to create things
out of thin air.... IN THE PAST.

But in typical FERC style... they didn't even get the facts right
in their attempt at revisionism!

This page has a soundtrack :)

Many people reported the notification of the SINGLE FERC scoping
session for the Dominion New Market Project -- spanning 200 miles
and causing 200,000 tons per year of toxic emissions into the
air we breathe-- was not listed on the FERC website. 

Suzy Winkler, from Otsego County, even called FERC and spoke with a representative
who insisted THERE WAS NO HEARING in Madison County that night.

Then, unexpectedly, she suddenly (the woman on the phone) admitted "OH YES" there was a hearing. 

Several people took screenshots and made printouts of how the website looked last night.
I looked today and saw there were a couple of things added... in the past!


Remember the date of this entry is
Wednesday October 8th

What's strange is that that actual notice of FERC's intent to prepare an environmental assessment (EA) for this project was published on September 18th ... This was THREE WEEKS AGO!.


Notice, there is STILL NO MENTION OF THE public hearing --
until you click a link off the main page, and then the project description is quite vague.

These very serious problems with notification and accessibility are clear violations of Open Meetings law, and the Due Process rights of many people. 


Over 200 people showed up
 in a room with a maximum safe capacity of 132.
In complete disregard to public safety and the law, the FERC project manager who conducted the meeting, Eric Tomasi, refused to stop the meeting despite 10 min. of loud protestations from the crowd. 
Unfortunately, this is a metaphor for how Eric's bosses, the FERC commissioners,
operate in dozens of dockets: ACT WITHOUT REGARD TO PUBLIC SAFETY

Photo: Eddie Rodriguez

Eric, the FERC project manager kept saying,

  • I didn't know there would be this level of interest.
  • I didn't know it wasn't on the website.
  • He didn't know he should have brought a public address system
    so people could hear in the back.
  • He claimed he didn't know about other FERC projects (like MINISINK, like the TGP cases, like the NJ-NY Spectra case, like "Constitution" and many others)  where substantial issues raised during scoping sessions which have been ignored
  • He didn't know that one scoping session for a project spanning 200+ linear miles of pipeline  wasn't adequate.
  • He didn't know that FERC was continuing to segment projects
    in violation of Federal Law and also IN DEFIANCE of a Court Order
  • He didn't know the Maximum Allowable Operating Pressure (MAOP) of the New Market Project.
  • He didn't know if the MAOP would be increased in this 50 year old brittle, corroded pipe as the result of 33,000 HP of additional compression...
  • He didn't know the nominal operating pressure of the existing pipeline (off the top of his head), but he thought it might be 1480 psig-- (Holy KerBlammo, Batman! This is an extremely high pressure only being used on the most modern, state-of-the-art pipe and assembly procedures!)
  • He also didn't seem to know this scheme may be a really bad idea.
  • "Sorry! I DON'T KNOW!!" -- over and over.

To his benefit, Project Manager Tomasi *did* know the reason the MAOP was important is because it determined the Potential Impact Radius.

Maybe he saw this video :)

There is so much more to tell you about this meeting, folks.
Stay tuned...

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  1. it's nice for some "not to know" and they can feel off the hook and not responsible for what is happening.....and wash their hands of it all, like the famous Pontius Pilate.....! But People Power is expanding and spreading and despite the "not knowing" , we can stop this scourge on the Land and in our Lives and make what seems unlikely happen....thanks, to all who participated and are part of this growing, Grassroots Movement....!