Friday, March 28, 2014

Raw methane leak (venting / fugitive emissions) New Milford, PA

This is really obnoxious.

New Milford, Pa.,
on route 492

May you, and all beings
be happy and free from suffering :)
-- ancient Buddhist Prayer (Metta)

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Frack is like Crack

Frack is like Crack, Jack.
It's like NEW COKE.
You want to get high?
The dealer says:

"Dude, this stuff will fuck you up! Guaranteed!"

Pay attention.
He's telling the truth.

You want to make money?
Once you're hooked,
you gotta keep going back.

Until you're DEAD

And I am dead
and everything around us is dead.

Oh, you'll get high alright.
It's a BIG RUSH!

That's for sure.

But each new well
(hit, line of coke)
produces LESS high
(initial production)
than the last.

And at high costs:
Bloody noses. Heartbeat irregularities.
Contaminated drinking water.

Which the addict will justify, ignore,
explain away with a cover story.

Truth vs. "Truthland"
Bury your head in the Frack Sand.
Gasland vs "FrackNation"

"Those people weren't really hurt. They just wanted money.
Their water was always bad.
I don't get bloody noses!"

The cocaine high is diminishing returns.
Just like well production.
It's always in decline
(after the initial big bang).
Until you find yourself
in Cocaine Hell.
Or in the middle of a Superfund site.

This is the inevitable
last-stop on the line.

So the addict has gotta keep drilling
(or snorting) more.. more... MORE!
until something breaks or explodes.
Heart attack? Contaminated aquifer?

A catastrophe so big
there's no fixing it.

Move away,
demolish the house,
bury the dead.

You KNOW it's killing you.
(and killing the planet)
But you do it anyway.

This is the nature of addiction.

You (we) CAN break free.
But it takes great resolve. 

May we choose wisely!


(CC-BY-0 "Public Domain")
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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Constitution Pipeline schedule slips 6-12 mos., Cabot's stock price plummets 11% in 3 days

Why did Cabot Oil and Gas's stock price take a
staggering 11% drop (from $40 to $35.6) in late Feb
leading up to their 4Q13 earnings call?;range=ytd

It's very strange, because Cabot by the numbers looks good.
The Street lists it as a BUY. Everything is great!

The only thing that jumps out from reading the earnings call transcript
is they announced that Constitution Pipeline schedule slipped
the in-service date from March 2015 to late '15 or early '16.

(6 months to a year). This is the first time the "March 2015" date
has been slipped since the open season announcement.

The next question will come from Charles Meade of Johnson Rice. Please go ahead.

Charles Meade - Johnson Rice

Good morning Dan. You’d anniversary your team there. I wonder if we could just pick up on that point about Constitution a bit. Can you -- I’m recognizing that Williams is the operator there. Can you maybe be a bit more explicit in what you are current plans reflect on when that line will come in to service for you. And could you possibly talk about some of the -- if there is any local permitting that you still have in front of you or if you are really this -- what you got last week with EIS is really the last definitive thing to look at?

Dan Dinges CEO 
Cabot Oil and Gas

Yeah. I’m going to pass this to Jeff real quick. My comment on the timing that we’re working with as I have stated in this comment, teleconference here that later ‘15 is our hope that we would be able to secure all the remaining permits and some being local and the outside would be moving into ‘16 a little bit. I’ll let Jeff make any comment that you might have?

Jeff Hutton, Senior Vice President, Marketing,
Cabot Oil and Gas
Senior Vice President, Marketing
Senior Vice President, Marketing

As you know, we all knew this would be a three year process with the FERC and way they operate and quite frankly we are very pleased now the FERC has handled this process and the issuance of their schedule and the issuance of the draft EIS. Those are all very, very positive steps.

In terms of the schedule itself, I’m sure you read Williams’ transcript or heard it yesterday, they also are very pleased with how the process has been working on the federal level. They have some feedback as the operator that -- and that is -- has shared that with some of the owners or with the owners that there is a little bit of a resistance at the state level in getting some permits generated from the EC.

So that’s something that Williams is working through on the government relation side, on the regulatory side, and continue to get updates from them. But the process is working good, but it does take state permits as well as federal permits to get its project built.

Release of PA Production Data

The other possible contributing factor is the release of the Pennsylvania production data. The PA DEP releases the production, waste, and spud databases twice per year, August and February. On Feb 19 this year, the PA production database was released. This was the begin of the slide in Cabot's stock price plunge. (h/t Leland Snyder for this connection)

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Three important events this week

There are three really important events coming up in the next 2 days.

More a week later.

1: Monday (tomorrow!) Cabot v. Vera Scroggins, Motion to Vacate Emergency Injunction.

When: Monday Mar 24, 2013 -- 9am  (may want to get there early)
Where: Susquehanna County Courthouse, 105 Maple St, Montrose, PA 18801

Vera is an amazing activist and human being. Her skills range from Compassionate Caregiver to Television Producer to Clean Water Activist. She advocates for the protection of the community and future generations.

Vera has been documenting the "shale gas invasion" of Northeast Pensylvania for the last 4.5 years. Some of her video ended up in the first Gasland movie. She has over 400 videos on her youtube channel of every aspect of gas drilling.

Vera has become an international celebrity, and Ambassador for Clean Water.  She's been interviewed by televisions stations, journalists, and other news media from nearly every continent. Germany, Japan, Australia, England, Poland, and many others.

She has given private tours and also bus tours of the Pennsylvania gas fields to people of every walk of life. From farmers, to students, to legislators, health professionals, members of Canadian, and European Parliament,, the list is staggering.

Vera has done independent research, records searches and documented many cases of water contamination. The gas industry cannot stand the truth getting out, and has spend millions of dollars on public relations to cover for the crimes which Vera has uncovered.

As you might imagine, the gas industry considers quite her quite a threat. Not because Vera wishes anyone harm-- Quite the contrary. Vera only uncovers the truth, that High Volume Horizontal Shale Gas Hydrofracking

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Syracuse Hearing on draft NYS Energy Plan (new video)

Keith Schue, Pre-hearing Rally
(photo credit Ellen Abbott / WRVO)

Syracuse Hearing on draft NYS Energy Plan
(new video)

First segment is from a rather low-quality live stream, but it is included here for completeness.
(I got there late due to a parking fiasco --    you will hear many speakers talking about it)
Quality improves for parts 2-8.

More info:

Comment period closes April 30, 2014

Download the plan: Volume I  Shaping the Future of Energy [Printer-Friendly PDF]
Volume II: Technical Appendix: End-Use Energy [PDF]  Sources [PDF] Impacts and Considerations [PDF]


Here is an easy way to make 23 comments, and also learn more about the strengths and deficiencies of the plan,  courtesy of our friends at Catskill Citizens for Safe Energy.
Be sure to click through all 23 comment letters.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Bluestone Pipeline contractor hired Broome County Sheriff David Harder AND Deputies to work as security!

It is the function and charter of State and Municipal Police to protect public safety.

However, when they moonlight for companies which are the greatest threat
to public safety (such as the gas+oil industry), then everything gets very confused.

This is when they start treating Grandmothers as terrorists, while the polluters go scott free. 

See highlighted section below:

Records show Broome County officials disclosing more in ethics forms

4:09 PM, Mar 12, 2014
By Steve Reilly
BINGHAMTON — Broome County’s elected officials have improved their compliance with financial disclosure rules following reforms, a review of records shows.
Top officials are required to file six-page personal financial disclosure forms with the Broome County Board of Ethics listing business positions, investments, real estate holdings and other details. The ethics board then reviews the forms to make sure they are filled out correctly.
In years past, those forms have contained errors and omissions, usually minor in nature, that left blind spots in the public’s knowledge of the financial interests of county officials.
To address the problem, the Broome County Legislature enacted a new ethics law in December 2012 that provided stricter deadlines for the ethics board’s review of the forms. The reformed law also outlawed gifts of any value to public officials.
In February 2013, following the enactment of the new law and an article in the Press & Sun-Bulletin detailing the reporting deficiencies, County Executive Debbie Preston unseated the three members of the Board of Ethics by appointing three new members.
A review of the financial disclosure forms filed by the county’s 19 elected officials last year, reflecting their 2012 finances, shows officials are paying closer attention to their reporting requirements.
• Several members of the legislature disclosed memberships in groups and organizations they hadn’t previously. For instance, county Legislator Jason Garnar, D-District 14, disclosed he is treasurer of his political campaign fund.
• While some Broome officials previously left lines blank under many questions, the practice has been curtailed. Officials now list “none” or “n/a” if they have no information in response to a question.
Legislature Chariman Jerry Marinich, R-District 10, credited efforts by the new ethics board for improvements in financial disclosure in the county.

Ethics board members are Town of Dickinson Supervisor Michael Marinaccio, Binghamton-based attorney Jon Sarra and accountant William Starring. Marinaccio and Sarra are Republicans; Starring is a Democrat.

Shortly after the new members were appointed, the board held a presentation before county officials to give instructions on how to fill the disclosure forms out.

“I think the ethics board we have now is making a real good effort in making sure the forms are concise and pertinent,” Marinich said.
On the 2013 financial disclosure statements, some of the county’s top officials also disclosed new outside employment positions, which they said they were not required to report in previous years.
On the forms, outside employment must be disclosed if it results in more than $1,000 in annual income.
Sheriff David Harder said he worked in a security position for Price Gregory International Inc., a Houston-based pipeline developer that helped install the Bluestone Pipeline in eastern Broome County.
Harder said the work involved driving back and forth along the pipeline in a personal vehicle and in plain clothes, and involved no county equipment or property.
“(I) drove from one end of the pipeline to the other end just to make sure nobody was monkeying with their equipment,” he said. “That was it. I took any spot that my deputies were not signing up for.”
Preston disclosed she was a sales representative for Avon. She said she didn’t report it in previous years because she did not meet the $1,000 threshold. She said that work was done off of county premises.
Preston called the reforms enacted in late 2012 and early 2013 “a step in the right direction.”
“The Code of Ethics is very important to me, which is why we pushed to reform the process,” she said. “Those reforms have spelled out exactly what information needs to be supplied, and people are getting acclimated to providing all the information the Board of Ethics is asking for, in the way they want it.”