Thursday, March 27, 2014

Frack is like Crack

Frack is like Crack, Jack.
It's like NEW COKE.
You want to get high?
The dealer says:

"Dude, this stuff will fuck you up! Guaranteed!"

Pay attention.
He's telling the truth.

You want to make money?
Once you're hooked,
you gotta keep going back.

Until you're DEAD

And I am dead
and everything around us is dead.

Oh, you'll get high alright.
It's a BIG RUSH!

That's for sure.

But each new well
(hit, line of coke)
produces LESS high
(initial production)
than the last.

And at high costs:
Bloody noses. Heartbeat irregularities.
Contaminated drinking water.

Which the addict will justify, ignore,
explain away with a cover story.

Truth vs. "Truthland"
Bury your head in the Frack Sand.
Gasland vs "FrackNation"

"Those people weren't really hurt. They just wanted money.
Their water was always bad.
I don't get bloody noses!"

The cocaine high is diminishing returns.
Just like well production.
It's always in decline
(after the initial big bang).
Until you find yourself
in Cocaine Hell.
Or in the middle of a Superfund site.

This is the inevitable
last-stop on the line.

So the addict has gotta keep drilling
(or snorting) more.. more... MORE!
until something breaks or explodes.
Heart attack? Contaminated aquifer?

A catastrophe so big
there's no fixing it.

Move away,
demolish the house,
bury the dead.

You KNOW it's killing you.
(and killing the planet)
But you do it anyway.

This is the nature of addiction.

You (we) CAN break free.
But it takes great resolve. 

May we choose wisely!


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