Saturday, April 5, 2014

ker-BLAMMO! TWO explosions at Williams facilities this week. Monday: Plymouth WA. Saturday: Moundsville WV

What will it take to get FERC to take notice and quit granting these bozos permits?

Williams Partners have had a busy week, with TWO explosions and fires at their facilities this week.
First, on Monday was the explosion and fire at the LNG facility in Plymouth, Wash:

And not today, another pipeline explosion and fire, at a Williams facility in Moundsville, WV.


Photos courtesy WRTF-7 News (Wheeling)

A comment on Facebook:
"From a man inside today's disaster: That Williams and URS has no audible alarms or a safe evacuation
plan or any way to get the men off of the hill if there is a disaster. So they didn't learn anything from
Willow bay disaster killing 51, they r going to kill over 500 men with this plant by doing thing half assed
Speak of half-assed, here's a Williams construction worker at the site of a compressor station in Susquehanna County,
mooning Shale-Invasion Photojournalist Vera Scroggins:

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