Sunday, October 6, 2013

Interactive Toxic Tours of SW-PA using Google Earth

Click on the map below to take a self-directed tour of some toxic sites in SW PA due to fracking, via Google Maps:

Here is Toxic Tour of South West PA #1

We start out in Butler County, and spend the rest of the tour
in Washington County.

Follow this link to Google Maps and Zoom in and look around.
Some objects to look for:

  • Well sites
  • Fresh Water Impoundments, which become
  • Waste fluid lagoons
  • Compressor Stations
  • Dehydration facilities
  • Pipelines
  • Brine Tanks
  • LPG (wet gas) storage

Julia Rendleman/Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
1: Woodlands Road, Evans City / Connoquenessing Township, Butler County PA

A badly contaminated neighborhood. Many affected homes without water to drink.
Protecting Our Waters (Philadelphia) has been helping. 
2: Swihart Road in Cecil Township, Worstell Impoundment

A nasty stinking chemical dump site in the middle of a rural community:

3: 179 Avella Road, Hickory Twp, PA 15340

Hallowich House, family settled and escaped, forced to sign an Non-disclosure Agreement (NDA), which gagged them for life, including their minor children.

4: 29 Gulla Ln, Hickory, PA 15340

This is where it all began. Gulla #1 well permits issued 2005-2007
This was the 2nd Horizontal Marcellus well drilled.

5: 800 Western Ave, Houston, PA

Extremely stinky and smokey MarkWest refinery that belches up smokey fireballs on a regular basis like a dragon with indigestion.

6: 771 Banetown Road, Washington, PA

This is the Kiskadden site. A lawsuit filed over water contamination  uncovered the "Suite Code 942" scandal at PA DEP.  Later discovery in the same lawsuit found the EVEN RANGE RESOURCES did not know what the fracking fluids contain.

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