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What Stinks in Endicott? Part I: Trucks bringing leachate from Seneca Meadows Landfill (Waterloo) to Endicott

This is part I of II looking at waste hauling into and/or out of Endicott Interconnect's Waste Treatment Facility in downtown Endicott, NY

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As promised, photos of the trucks which are bringing landfill leachate from Seneca Meadows Landfill (Waterloo NY) to Endicott.

Photos taken: Thu. Oct 3, 2013 @ 8am.  

Read all about the joys of Landfill Leachate:

  • Wikipedia:  
  • "Leachate from Municipal Dumps has Same Toxicity as Leachate from Hazardous Waste Dumps":

  • Toxicity of waste
    Although a number of highly toxic materials have been phased out of production, society is
    producing an increasing quantity and variety of toxic materials and products that don’t break
    down safely in landfills. These pose risks to the environment and human health. For example a
    computer monitor contains as much as 2kg of lead. In landfills, organic materials mix with
    highly toxic materials, and other products creating chemical reactions and toxic leachate8.
    Many of these materials present resource recovery business opportunities that will in turn
    reduce the toxicity of landfill.

    Landfills are not safe
    Despite assurances by landfill proponents and waste companies, landfills are not safe.
    For example the US EPA states that all landfill liners will eventually leak. Most aftercare
    requirements expire around 30 years post-closure with ongoing costs and liabilities returning
    to the community. The community therefore has the greatest vested interest in the safety of landfills and the greatest incentive to create safer resource management systems.

    -- from

Trucking Company: Gotta Do Contracting, LLC, 315-689-64829289 BONTA BRIDGE RD JORDAN, NY 13080-9430

SIDE NOTE: Other Businesses at this same address/phone:
Can toxic municipal sewage sludge be called "Organic"?
  • Blue Heron Construction‎
  • Wecare Transportation LLC‎ 
  • We Care Organics‎ --

    Business: Take sludge from municipal sewage treatment plants, add lime, and resell as "organic soil" to gardeners. (video)

  • So basically these boys are used to hauling Poo. What's the difference between hauling human waste and chemical wastes? It's the money that matters, right?
The EIT (Endicott Interconnect, formerly IBM)
waste treatment facility on Franklin St. in Endicott

Gotta Do, truck cab

Tough Jobs Done Right!

Turning from North St. onto McKinley going South
heading towards 17/86

Notice there are no DOT
hazardous waste placards on this truck.

Maybe that means this stuff is non-toxic?
(Trust me-- you wouldn't think so if you caught a whiff of this NASTY stuff!)

The Endicott Interconnect (EIT) Waste Treatment Facility is comprised of
many interconnected buildings, tanks, and associated piping. (highlighted).
Building 259 is an incinerator. Is it still being used?

EIT in Endicott has at least 2 SPDES (wastewater discharge) permits, so they routinely make discharges legally into the storm sewers, which drain directly into the river:

There was a leak in Feb 26, 2013 of between 4,000 gallons and 17,000 gallons when a valve rusted and broke, draining a tank containing untreated leachate into the ground, storm sewers, and the Susquehanna River. DEC Spill Incident #1215896  

Other trucks seen entering the EIT facility were followed to Williamsport PA.,
although it is not clear whether they were dropping off, or picking up waste.
(more photos coming soon)

PA Drilling Waste Streams Coming into NY State (FracTracker)

VIDEO: Endicott Trustees and Mayor know about this. Why haven't the people of the Village of Endicott (and those downstream) been informed of this?


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