Thursday, November 7, 2013

WPX Energy's Susan Oliver: "The Fixer"

Nov 1, 2013 ("All Hallows Day" / Day of the Dead)
Lt. Col. Susan Oliver (ret), ex-Military Police/Public Relations / PSYOPS
comes to the door to take away the water tank
keeping a family of eight alive.

"The Fixer"
WPX pulling out no stops
in Franklin Forks.
Have their best PR people doing the Denying.

Susan Oliver's presence is like a Harbinger of Disaster.
If Susan shows up, you know there's been a terrible,
irremediable catastrophe.

Listen carefully and in answer to the question,

What will you do to fix our water?
you will hear,
  • We didn't do it!
  • Your water was always like that.
  • People have lit their water on fire here since 1795!
  • It was because of the flood '06 flood.
  • It was because of the old slaughterhouse
  • Those activists are all from NY!
  • Those ANTIs don't believe in science. 
  • We are reaching out the the local community
  • We held a barbecue for someone who was sick
  • We are working closely with DEP and are following all regulations
  • We made a big donation to the local fire station.
  • etc. etc. ad nauseum.
and then...
  • We're here to take your tank away.
But then the little girl says,

But we don't have any clean water to drink!
Or to bathe in! or cook with! or wash our clothes!
To which they reply:
  • Listen-- you worship a FALSE GOD.
    Josh Fox is a liar, and a spoiled wannabe celebrity.
    Where's his solar panel?
  • There has NEVER been ANY case of water contamination
    from gas drilling, ANYWHERE.  GOT IT?
  • That tank was only temporary.
  • Your attorney said it was OK for us to take it. 
  • It's our equipment and we're taking it back.
  • The DEP said your water was fine.
  • and the DEP proved we didn't do it.
  • So we'll be happy to reconnect your (poisoned) well.

According to her Linkdin profile,
Lt. Col. Susan Oliver (ret.)
has a background in "Army Public Affairs",
which is a nice way of saying Psychological Operations (PSYOPS).

Also was in Military Police.
She was an O-5
(which is serious rank).

The fact they are using ex-PSYOPS officers
is No Joke -- not a conspiracy theory -- proven fact
which you know if you've read TX-Sharon's blog or seen Gasland II

Sharon went to an industry conference,
and reported that the O+G companies hire ex-PSYOPS
and treats the local guest community as "insurgants".

So it's only natural that Susan would become essentially,
a "Pinkerton" for the Gas Industry when she got out.

Tom Shepstone is like a shoe-shine boy
compared to Susan O.  
She's "the Fixer".
Let's not mince words:

Susan Oliver is proof--
Susquehanna County is an extraction colony.
It is no longer a Democracy, or a Constitutional Republic. 
Frankling Forks, Montrose, Lenox, Dimock, Liberty, Springville, etc.
These are all "company towns". 
They are under a military occupation
to ensure the mineral extraction proceeds unimpeded.

Cabot, Williams/WPX, Halliburton, and others,
and the "Energy in Depth" hit squad,
are working in collusion, using various techniques,
from Bribery to Propaganda, to Spying and Bullying/Intimidation,

Their security forces have admitted in court that the follow
people like Vera who are documenting what is going on--
even when she is on public roads.

Yet we keep doing this work, helping the victims,
and documenting the destruction.

And still we ask:

WPX: What will you do to fix the water?

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