Wednesday, November 6, 2013

WPX vs. Franklin Forks... Photo Essay about Money and Water

Money and Water

A short photo essay 

about the Franklin Forks PA 
water crisis.

See the Timeline for the full story.

WPX wants to remove water tanks ("water buffaloes") which they had gifted to two families in Franklin Forks PA, which have severely contaminated water.

Their water was fine before gas drilling came to town.
The delivered water to these families for 18 months,
but stopped in September of this year.

Now they want the tanks back.
The can't even prove they own them.

The are attached to the house in sheds built around them.
The families will have to spend $2,000 just to replace the equipment.
This does not include the costs for water deliveries!

Let's start with some attorney correspondence:

IMAGE 1: Urgent Attorney Emails

WPX Urgently needs the equipment back.

But why? Are there other homes with contaminated water?


WPX claims they incurred costs of over $2000
because they were "denied access"
to their water tank.

(They claim to have been authorized to enter the property,
but by the word of the attorney Bill Dubanevech, Esq. only.
This was against the wishes of the family.
Dubanevech has subsequently been fired)

IMAGE 3: The Cost of the Tank

They spent $2000 to retrieve a $650 tank? 


The three top executives at WPX
make a combined base salary
of $11 million dollars.

This does not include a bonus.

IMAGE 5: NO Clean Water for You, Little Girl

You don't really need to take a bath, do you?
Maybe you can use that stream out back?

IMAGE 6: Corporate Bullshit

From their website:

WPX: Not just Good Corporate Citizens,

but trusted and caring members of the community!

IMAGE 7: Ralph Hill, CEO of WPX,
with a Special Message to Franklin Forks:

Have a Nice Day!

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  1. Sad commentary on the generosity of Big Business; WPX , please give this equipment to the families ; could be a Xmas gift to them.