Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Hoping you find courage, wisdom, and compassion.

An open letter to Senior Executive Staff, WPX Energy.

To: Ralph Hill,  Rodney Sailor, Jim Bender.
CC: Susan Oliver, Scott Miller

Good day to you.

Franklin Forks is very serious indeed.
May want to considering employment status
of whomever dreamed up this scheme.

Removing 2 water tanks from homes of
working class people at Christmas time,
when it is 20'F daytime high,
this is a very bad idea!

This leaves two homes uninhabitable.
Are you mindful of this?

This does not help WPX.
This only does harm to all parties
 including to WPX's reputation and character.

This is so simple:
There is no positive PR value for you
to remove these tanks.

There will be a ton
of very bad PR for you!
if you proceed as planned.
lasting many weeks.

This could cost your company
tens of millions in shareholder value.
No joke.

Are you prepared for this?

There are many eyes on this.
You cannot imagine it.

This will certainly become
an international incident.
There is no doubt.

It seems you are very motivated by money,
so let's put this into economic terms:

Ralph Hill and WPX
removing water tanks at Christmas time,
this story will resonate with many people.

Ralph Hill will become the embodiment
of SINISTER GREED and LUST in people's minds
Grinch, Scrooge, Henry Potter.

Is this what you want?

Or, you could become a symbol of Generosity and Compassion.
It's all your choice.

This story will certainly be seen

by your investors, stockholders, & friends
at Capitol One, Howard Weil, Simmons, etc.

This is only a suggestion
in the best interest of all parties:

Your best bet would be to reconsider this plan--
to take bold action with wisdom and courage
issue a public statement which shows
great compassion for these families.

In other words,
You can still stop the media shitstorm,
There is still time.
but you have to act quickly.

Wishing that you find
strength, courage, wisdom, & compassion.

Wishing that you find peace and happiness.
Friends of Clean Air and Water

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