Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Helping Ralph Hill understand the Cost/Benefit Equation

To Ralph Hill, CEO WPX Energy:
Regarding, plan to remove water tanks on Monday December 16th 2013. 

Dear Ralph,

So sorry if you perceived a threat by the last message.
None was intended.

Just hoping to avoid harms on all sides. 

However there are two families 
in Franklin Forks PA who are under grave threat
of losing water tanks necessary for life

By your action

1: We understand you are doing this for PR value only

Since you have already spent $2,000 + legal fees, 
likely $5k-$10k when all done, to retrieve 2x tanks worth $650(!),
we know this not about money for you.

So what could be your motivations? You want to hurt these families?
No one wants to believe that. 

Thinking this through, we can only conclude:
  • You believe there is high-PR value for you to take the tanks
    because you think leaving the tanks is an admission of guilt. 

2: Removing the tanks does not change the narrative.

Think this through:
If you remove the tanks, what will happen?

A) Mannings and Hadlicks abandon their homes (very BAD PR for WPX)

B) Mannings and Hadlicks get new water tanks.

   NOTE WELL: If there are any tanks there, this has SAME PR value to you
   if you and just left the tanks! (no one cares who bought the tanks)

There is NO POSITIVE PR VALUE for WPX to remove the tanks.
3: THE BEST ACTION FOR YOU is CHARITY at Christmas time!

 The best way for you to escape this PR crisis is for you to give those tanks away.
OK, sell them for $1. Don't disclose the terms. You made a deal. No one will tell.

You do not have to admit blame in order to leave the tanks.

You can work this into your "Best Neighbor" campaign.
Tammy Manning has said she will thank you. 

Please don't penalize 2 families who are already hurting. 

Do you fully understand the possible consequences?
A human being enjoying a bath.
All people must take regular baths for good health and cleanliness!

Imagine being in a house
where there is no water to bathe.

There is no water to drink,
or brush your teeth.

Imagine being in a house without water to cook with, or to wash clothes with.

No access to water for bathing, washing clothes, or cleaning.

No water to flush the toilet.

These families have disabled adults and minor children.

Trying to help you understand the cost/benefit function.

Visualizing the Cost/Benefit function

costs / benefits to
costs / benefits to Mannings/Hadlicks
WPX image
Ralph's Reputation Risk to Shareholder Value from Bad Press

Remove the water tanks at Christmas time,
20'F, freezing temps, water wells still contaminated, no replacement supplied
Grave, Stained Severe and lasting effects potentially:
Leaves homes uninhabitable

WPX leaves the water tanks AS A GIFT, free of charge
(or nearly nothing, for $1)
"Your Best Neighbor"
Santa, not Grinch
Can only be good!
Continue to live in their homes

So this is your choice, Ralph.  
It's all up to you.

Is this the man who
Destroys Innocent People's Lives
at Christmas-time... for Money?

Once those tanks are gone,
the image of "taking water from families at Christmas"
will be in the public mind-- FOREVER.
On Ralph Hill's permanent record. FOREVER.

Even their best "crisis communications" specialists at Ackerman McQueen  
might have trouble making this situation smell right.

It stinks.

Ralph, PLEASE do the right thing.
It is not to late for you to abort this foolish plan. 
Come to Franklin Forks and meet with these people,
some of the nicest people we've ever met:
Inline image 1
Left: Alexia.
Right: Tammy Manning, Tammy Hadlick

They haven't done anything to hurt you.
They haven't done anything to deserve this.
No one wishes you any harm.
There are many eyes on this. 
This story is bigger
than you can imagine. 

Please do the right thing
for the benefit of all beings! 
Happy Holidays! + Best Wishes:
Courage-- Wisdom-- Compassion

May you have the COURAGE, Wisdom, and Compassion to do the right thing! 
Friends of Clean Air and Water

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