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Two families with URGENT needs in Franklin Forks PA. Need to raise $5,000 by Friday Dec 13th.

Two families with URGENT needs in Franklin Forks. Need to raise $5,000 by Friday Dec 13th.
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Two families in Franklin Forks need funds for water buffaloes,
sheds to house the water equipment, electric pumps, heaters.

A Federal Judge has approved a court order for WPX Energy
to remove all of two family's water equipment: water tanks ("water buffaloes"),
pumps, heaters, sheds, hoses, plumbing, etc, on Dec 16th 2013.

This will leave TWO HOMES
in an uninhabitable condition.

WPX Energy had voluntarily, per request of Pennsylvania DEP,
installed the equipment in March 2012, and delivered non-potable
water for washing and bathing.

The families were never given potable water
for drinking and cooking, and had to purchase water
in town, at great expense/burden.

Now, WPX has stopped deliveries and wants to remove the equipment.
They have received a court order to do it (US Federal Judge Caputo, Middle District of PA)

Problems are:

1: these tanks are on Private Property,

2: WPX cannot prove they own them (they were a GIFT!)

3: They were installed inside permanent fixtures,
   which must be demolished to remove the tanks.

4: There was no lease, no contract, no terms of removal.

5: The water wells have not been tested in 18 months
   and are likely STILL CONTAMINATED!

These tanks are necessary for life.
Removal will leave the homes UNINHABITABLE without replacement.

No state agency is stepping up to help these families.

Families need funds to replace these items
in order to continue to receive safe water
for household use.

They need $2500 per family for the replacement and installation of water equipment
to get water delivered to their homes. Total of $5,000.

They are still unable to drink from their wells, which when last tested (Mar 2012),
revealed high metals, chlorides, TDS and other contaminants,
including explosive levels of methane,

Methane is naturally occurring in the area at ~1 mg/l.

This is what 83.1 mg/l looks like,
nearly 100x higher than normal ambient levels:

Water quality change and health problems started coincident w/nearby-gas drilling in
Dec 2011. Problems started with 7 wells drilled, then fracked within 2 mile radius.
They are surrounded by gas pads with several wells on each pad.

Thanks, for your donations to help the families who are in need. These funds will go to
Franklin Forks families first. 

If there are surplus funds, will go to other families in Dimock, Auburn, Springville area
who've suffered with contaminated water since 2008.

Send checks or money orders to :
Tammy Manning,
20784 State Road 29,
Montrose, Pa. 18801

We need to raise $5,000 by Friday Dec 13th
if the legal challenges to this unjust order fail.

Tax Deductible donations online at:

alternate link:;jsessionid=C543815B1393DA5379F0A93601071EB8.app347a?idb=783335278&df_id=2560&2560.donation=form1&idb=0&autologin=true

Contact info:
Tammy Manning : 607-727-6820
Vera Scroggins : 607 237 9685
Craig Stevens: 570 967 2280

Much thanks for help during this Holiday Season.

Looking for people to come and stand in
NON-VIOLENT WITNESS to these events,

Monday, Dec 16th, 2013, 8am.

GPS: 41.919,-75.847

If the tanks are removed,
we will need VOLUNTEERS

skilled in construction, electrical, and plumbing
to install new tanks
and get them online before sundown.

Come and visit the families and learn what is happening to us since gas drilling in 2008.
Citizen Gas Tours are given weekly by Vera and Craig.


Middle District of Pennsylvania
Court's Address William J. Nealon Federal Building & U.S. Courthouse,
235 N. Washington Avenue,
Scranton, PA 18501-1148
Court's Phone Number 570-207-5600
Court's Email Address
Court's Hours Monday through Friday - 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Case #

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