Monday, December 9, 2013

Franklin Forks update-- new videos, blogs, updates.


The call for witnesses on MONDAY has been Cancelled.
Water tanks will STAY!  
Official press release from the families.



There is a multi-faceted legal strategy being attempted to block
the removal of two water tanks on Dec 16th which will leave
these homes uninhabitable in the cold of December.
Ralph Hill CEO from WPX says: Merry Christmas!

B) Possible Direct Action / Blockade Dec 16th

In case these strategies fail, I have heard "through the grapevine"
there may be a regional call for NVDA occurring on this date.
This is being organized independently to keep the families isolated
from further retribution by the courts.

Others requested to come and bear non-violent witness to the events on this day.
Monday Dec 16th, 8am, GPS:

If you have skills (and tools) in carpentry, electrical, or plumbing,
YOUR ASSISTANCE is also requiested to help install new tanks
with pump, heater, and construct shed.
C) Emergency fundraising to purchase equipment

In case A and B both fail, then we want to have equipment in place
to install as soon as WPX leaves. $4,000 - $5,000 needed by
Friday Dec 13th.

Contribute Online, Tax Deductable:

Or send checks directly to affected family:
Matt and Tammy Manning,

Send checks or money orders to :
Tammy Manning,
20784 State Road 29,
Montrose, Pa. 18801

Two new videos released today:

WPX Fracking the Forks: Intro

WPX Fracking the Forks: Craig and Ray fill the tank

New blog by Dory Hippauf (with instructions on how to donate-- tax deductable)

IF YOU HAVE CONTACTS with the media, please alert them to this happening.

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